Texas Bio Tech is commited to producing top quality biodiesel from multi-feedstock including high  free fatty acid greases that are processed with our unique, environmentally friendly enzymatic technology system.

Our Biodiesel is made through a refinery process of transesterification in which vegetable oils such as  soybean, canola, cooking oils, and greases are made into fuel that meets the EPA (Environmental  Protection Agency) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.

Biodiesel can be used 100% or a blend at any percentage with diesel fuel and used in vehicles and  engines that run on diesel fuel. The big advantage of using biodiesel over diesel fuel is that the biodiesel  cleans and lubricates the engine and burns cleaner and more efficient and therefore is safer for the  environment.

We continuously strive to offer our customers the best quality biodiesel with lower prices by applying  new techonologies to our production facility.

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Quality Biodiesel •  meets ASTM D6751

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